1What are the advantages of an Electronic Safe as compared to the Conventional Key Safe?
Electronic Safe offers you two main advantages. 1) High Security and 2) Convenience of use. a) High Security : Once the codes are set by user, no body can open or even try to open the safe since the safe has built in tamper guard and alarm. b) Convenience of Use : Most thefts take place not by breaking the safe but by making duplicate keys. Since Electronic Safe offers keyless concept there is no worry to take care of keys. The high security ultra key offered as over-ride is for emergency opening only. Apart from these there are many other useful features like : Open door beep, Last user indication, Data Logging (Hotel Safe), Local & Remote Alarm etc… which are not present in conventional key safe.
2Why do I need Electronic Safe?
At home to protect your valuables the safe can be fitted in your wooden wardrobe. The safes are available in various sizes to suit your requirement. El-Guard manufactures high quality safes which has a life span of around 10 to 15 years & provides trouble free service. Mobile Alert is activated in case the safe is tampered, this option can be provided at extra cost.
3Can I put my codes?
Yes, there are altogether three codes - one master code and two user codes. As a security feature we provide only Master Code with the safe. Never reveal your master code to any other person. Master Code is user programmable and must be changed before you start using the safe.
4 What if I want to have other User to have access to my safe in emergency?
You can generate the other 2 user codes if you wish to allow the other person to use your safe through your Master Code.
5What if I want to restrict the other Users from accessing my safe?
The user codes can be deleted through your Master Code to disallow the other users to have access to your safe.
6How many digits code can I put? Can I also use alphanumeric codes?
All three codes are minimum 3 digits to maximum 16 digits, since alphabets are marked with numbers as in phone you can also use words instead of codes as you do when sending SMS, But you must remember how you have typed the word. We suggest press key only once for any alphabet.
7Can the codes change or get deleted without my changing?
No. The codes are stored in a non volatile memory which does not require power to store them so even with dead batteries your codes would always be there and will not change or get deleted unless you do so. Manufacturer offers minimum 40 years code retention guarantee.
8What should I do if the key pad does not respond?
The safes are supplied with the Key lock feature which is identical to the key lock feature of mobile phone instruments. To activate / deactivate the key pad press and hold the ‘*’ key for about 4 seconds until you hear a beep.
9How do I know when my safes needs battery replacement? Is there any low battery indication built in the safe?
Your safe always works on battery therefore it has an advanced battery monitoring system which continuously monitors the battery voltage and in case of low Battery it informs the user by flashing of a LOW Batt. light when batteries need to be replaced. Normally after the low batt. Light starts flashing you can still operate the safe for few days to facilitate battery replacement.
10How do I open the safe when batteries are week or dead?
In case of week or dead batteries the safe can be opened either by connecting the external battery adopter to the safe which is supplied as an additional accessory to the safe and then entering your codes to open the safe or by high security ultra over ride key as the case may be. Once you have opened the safe the internal batteries can be replaced.
11Which Batteries are used in safe?
In most safes 4 nos. ordinary torch batteries are used of ‘D’ size. Only in Mini and Minor models alkaline battery of ‘AA’ i.e. pencil size are used which normally last for 8 to 12 months depending on use. The batteries are economical and are easily available. Do not use rechargeable batteries. EL-GUARD recommends ALKALINE Battery even in D size for long durable trouble free life.
12 Can I ever get stuck by safe not opening?
No as the microprocessor locking system used is highly reliable having sigma six reliability even then in case of unlikely event of some malfunctioning of circuit the safe can be opened by ultra override key system which is purely mechanical and shall function under all circumstances.
13What will happen if I loose the codes after changing them?
The two user codes can be made operational by master code. In case of lost master code it can be made operational by ultra override key by master. Follow the simple instructions given in operation manual to rework your master code.
14What is the thickness of steel sheet used to make the safe?
The body of the safe is made of 2mm thick (14 Gauge) MS Sheet. And the door is made of 5mm thick (6Gauge) MS Plate.
15 How to fix the safe?
The safe is supplied with all necessary hard ware to fix the safe either to the shelf in the wardrobe or to the wall at the back any carpenter can do that.
16What I have to do to ensure safety before I start using the safe?
Before you start using the safe change Factory Preset Master Code and check it by opening the safe once by your code to ensure they are working. The safe must be fixed to ensure complete safety before it is put to use.
17What if I lose the override key?
Incase you know the codes and your safe is working than override lock can be replaced and a new key is given to the user at an additional cost.
18What if I lost the Override Keys and all the codes?
In such conditions there is no way to open the safe. You will have to contact the manufacturer / who will depute the technician to open the safe by damaging the door. This door can be repaired at an additional cost.
19How do I clean the safe?
The safe is epoxy powder coated, it can be cleaned with wet cloth. You may use mild detergent, if required. Do not use alcohol based chemical to clean the safe or keypad as they may get damaged permanently.