Why Electronic Safe?

As we go back in history, Man has used all kinds of safes with various lock mechanisms to protect his valuables from getting stolen or for other reasons. This led to the invention of lock and key security concept. However, later it became possible to duplicate these mechanical keys, there by, defeating the safety and security purpose all together. Later, combination locks were introduced, which were mechanical locks, but works on the code system - not so easy to hack the code and open the safe, but again due to its complex nature and having a fixed code is not very user friendly, and was not accepted by the users widely

Then came the electronic era . . . . introducing Microprocessor based Electronic safes, that work on encrypted digital code system, which is virtually impossible to hack, as it has trillions of combinations, and at the same time the codes can be changed as and when one wants, there by, increasing the safety level many folds. These Safes are user friendly, and the digital code is always in the memory of the user.This eliminates the requirement of carrying keys all along. So there is no fear of loosing or duplicating the key. This is where EL-GUARD INDIA comes into the picture. Based on the most advanced electronic technology, EL-GUARD INDIA designed and developed an electronic safe.